Selecting the Right Industrial Concrete Floor Coating for Your Facility

Top 10 Best master contractors - Blog - Ask A Question - . Professional installation can help ensure that concrete coatings perform and provide the outstanding lifecycle value expected! ..More

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Concrete Resurfacing Solutions for Industrial Facilities

10 Best reputed residential contractors - Residential Service Blogs - If small surface flaws go unnoticed or repair is put on hold, minor concerns can spread, causing larger issues that can be more costly to fix and repair later. They can determine whether resurfacing the entire facility is immediately required, or if the most critical areas can be addressed in this quarter’s budget, allowing other parts of the floor to be resurfaced in subsequent months. Properly resurfacing concrete floors can mean an end to problems such as damage caused from machine vibrations; cracks from the weight of heavy loads like forklifts; water and other spilled liquids seeping beneath the surface of the floor causing damage or promoting the growth of mold or bacteria; and the stress that comes with severe temperature changes. . Professionally trained resurfacing specialists can also offer a range of different flooring options that are well-suited and accommodating to operations at the facility. Make sure that before choosing a resurfacer installer, they explain all of the options available for the facility’s floor. Patching and repair work should be performed at the first sight of damage, whether it is a crack, hole or other indication of deterioration. Hiring a quality resurfacer installation crew means hiring someone who can properly evaluate the needs of a specific facility floor ..More

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Why Choose a Professional Epoxy Floor Installer

Directory listing of certified contractors - Blog - Ask A Question - However, not every type of resinous flooring is appropriate for every application or site, Without professional insight during coating selection, less-than-ideal flooring systems can be installed. Experienced professional epoxy installers can analyze what resin would be the most appropriate for a given application. For example, seamless flooring comprised of epoxy resin is not always the best choice for certain facilities, such as commercial kitchens with high-heat ovens, freezer areas or any space with vastly fluctuating temperatures. . Following careful product selection, the professional epoxy contractor then installs the chosen epoxy or other resinous flooring system, using the methods and technique best suited for the application. Facilities can choose from many different resin chemistries for their floor coatings. MMA (methyl methacrylate), cementitious urethane, polyaspartic or thin film urethane—or a combination of several of these—might be what provides optimal performance for a given application ..More

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How to Repair a Concrete Floor Slab

Best Local residential contractors - Service Tech Blog Pages - For facilities that need to resurface large areas or entire concrete slabs, the following may be more suitable:. ..More

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